Silver is a natural element that can be found across the globe .Millennia ago Silver had gained extensive popularity and an aesthetic appeal. In every era, people have exploited the germicidal qualities and anti-microbial properties of silver to combat microbes and boost the immune system. Since antiquity people from all over the world like Ancient Greece, Egypt, Macedonia and even America’s Old West, bore testimony to the purifying properties of silver.

Our very own Indian history documents Rasashastra, which is an ancient ayurvedic methodology of incorporating metals like Gold and Silver with medicinal herbs in an attempt to heal and treat illnesses. Long before the discovery of anti-biotic drugs, silver was used to treat wounds. Today, amidst modernized science and enhanced technology silver still plays an integral role in safeguarding our health and wellbeing. Even NASA has approved the use of a silver-based water purification system at the space station. Modern medicine utilizes silver nitrate, silver sulfadiazine and colloidal silver for various medicinal and consumer applications.

What is Colloidal Silver ?

Nano silver popularly known as Colloidal silver is obtained through nano technology where it is broken down into tiny particles suspended in a demineralised liquid. The silver is nano sized and is invisible to the naked eye. The nano particles of silver measure less than 100nm. These can be used for oral intake and as a therapeutic ingredient.

Health and beauty benefits of Nano Silver  (Collodial Silver) :

  • Nano silver is claimed to have anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti-viral properties that help in healing wounds.
  • It creates a protective barrier on all surfaces and prevents microbial infections.
  • It can be used as a natural sanitizer to kill harmful germs and microbes.
  • It treats acne, pimples and rashes.
  • It heals and repairs damaged skin.
  • It acts as an anti aging agent.

How does Reamare use Nano silver?

Reamare has incorporated Nano silver with various medicinal herbs like neem, haldi and many more to formulate highly efficient products that safeguard your health and wellness.

 Reamare’s Hygienic Fruit and Veggie Cleaner is one of the finest organic food sanitizer that is free from hazardous chemicals and completely safe to use on edible surfaces.

Similarly, the Nano silver present in Reamare’s Acne-Pimple Gel is a boon for those suffering from dry, sensitive or acne -prone skin. The anti-bacterial power combined with the anti-fungal power of nano silver creates a micro-biome and regulates skin flora,providing exquisite protection for your skin and kick starts the natural repair mechanism leaving your skin healthy and radiant.