Reamare, a results-driven skincare brand known to use the most imminent technology of the 21st century to provide top-notch organic products, has announced its latest addition of customized products and an arsenal of facial and essential oils at your disposal.

Setting aside the ‘one size fits all’ concept, Reamare progresses towards strengthening their relationship with their consumers and empowering them to have control over their skincare products and be a part of the process of creating their very own personalized, nutritious formulation of facial oils and cremes, that revive, replenish and benefit the skin in extraordinary ways.

“Instead of following a timeworn stringent skincare regime, it is best to understand what your skin really needs during the day and at night. It isn’t uncommon to come across people who have mischaracterized their skin or haven’t really given it any thought, they just want their skin to look better” says Megha Soni, the co-founder of Reamare.

The one-on-one consultation with skin health specialists at Reamare help you assess your skin and determine a variety of factors, including your lifestyle, diet, environment and medications that affect your skin. They help you to understand the active ingredients, that are needed to work on your skin condition. The product is then designed to address the skin issue, allowing the customer to choose the base oil followed with a mix of targeted oils. Catering to the consumer’s needs, Reamare also offers products infused with colloidal gold and colloidal silver for higher efficacy and extended application.

These customized products allow one to adopt a more focused and mindful approach towards skincare, thus, achieving that healthy skin and radiant complexion one has always dreamt off.

Reamare’s high-performance range of products are completely natural and incorporate nano gold and nano silver, they are chemical free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Reamare provides you more options for a conscious selection of products to lead a healthier lifestyle, that protects your skin from environmental aggressors, heat, pre mature aging and offers the nourishment that your skin and hair deserve. While the range of natural and essential oils allow you to indulge in a holistic healing of the mind and body.

About Reamare

Founded in a small town of Madhya Pradesh, in 2015, Reamare, a proudly-Indian ayurvedic beauty and health care brand, with an annual turnover threshold of 50 lacs, aims at bringing next-gen clean products to the world, that are a meticulous blend of ancient ayurveda and modern technology.

The two co-founders, Megha Soni and Rajkumari Soni, who belong to the lineage of goldsmiths were inspired by our very own Indian history that documents Rasashastra, an ancient ayurvedic methodology of incorporating metals like Gold and Silver with medicinal herbs in an attempt to heal and treat illnesses. Hailing from an ancestral background of Maidh Kshatriyas, (a community that has prevailed in India for a thousand years taking up the occupation of goldsmiths) the Soni sisters strive to emulate the teachings of the great King, His Highness Ajmeedh Ji who belonged to the Chandravanshi Dynasty and who aimed at edifying the use of Gold in various different ways.

Having completed their post-graduation and being the modern Indian women that they are, they were on the look-out for an opportunity to turn into entrepreneurs and start up a business that empowers women with an arena of accomplishments, from building up their self-esteem to becoming financially independent.

They believed in sharing their ancestral beauty secrets with the world and promote a chemical-free healthy lifestyle.

Hence with a blend of learned ancestral secrets and revolutionary technology, they became deeply focused on conceptualizing and formulating future-forward clean products that are 100% natural.

This is when ‘REAMARE’ was founded.

What they do :

Today even though it isn’t uncommon to find numerous ayurvedic brands and products in the skin-care aisle that claim to incorporate Gold. The question arising is, “do they actually work?”  “Are they as beneficial as they claim to be?”. Many products use merely gold shimmer or at the most gold sheets and flakes, that is not easily absorbed by the skin. It may leave the skin looking shimmery with a rather dubious glow but doesn’t actually provide you the real benefits that gold has to offer. Hence even though the products incorporate gold particles, it remains ineffective.

Intrigued by this fact, the co-founders conceptualized products that incorporated 24k gold and silver in a way that is most effective. This is when they decided to use the nano form of gold and silver, also known as colloidal gold and colloidal silver, it refers to particles which have been broken down to nanometers (usually less than 70 nanometers) so that it remains dispersed evenly in a solution.  When metals like gold and silver are nano sized, it can easily penetrate the cell membranes and also act as a carrier for other active ingredients to improve the efficacy of the products and can be consumed too. Therefore, nano sizing of these luxurious metals extends its application.

Hence after spending a good amount of time in research and development, they formulated products that were infused with colloidal gold and colloidal silver along with essential herbs and oils to create products that are on par with global brands and ones that resonate with the consumers.

How REAMARE works ?

Driven by passion and purity as a virtue, Reamare set up its own lab with the latest technology that adheres to all the required processing guidelines to manufacture high grade 24k colloidal gold and colloidal silver. which is then infused with assorted ayurvedic herbs as per the ayurvedic formulae.

Reamare fulfills its promise of purity by working with the local tribal herbalists of Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country, who provide the finest quality of herbs.

These quality assured products are then hygienically manufactured using modern technology and packaged in high-grade containers to ensure longer shelf life and remain unperturbed by climatic conditions.

Reamare products are of premium quality that are GMP certified and MQCI verified. Reamare does not support animal testing and the products are free from harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens, phthalates , synthetic colours and artificial fragrances.

Reamare offers everything you could ask for, from serums and gold gels to acne crème and fortifying masks that help treat your skin and hair concerns. They also offer products that aim at providing domestic hygiene and at the same time strongly believe in a higher sense of wellbeing that comes by harmonizing the body and soul.

Benefits of using REAMARE products :

Ayurvedic treatments and products have been used for ages and using it for better living or beautification could be one of the wisest decisions ever and it’s never too late to choose a healthier lifestyle and use healthier products.

Being a credible Indian brand, Reamare follows the aryurvedic healing technique by utilizing all natural ingredients to improve the overall health of skin and hair.

When it comes to healthy wellbeing and beauty care, Reamare takes it as seriously as you do. Loaded with the goodness of luxurious metals like 24K Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Silver and Pearl, infused with a variety of assorted herbs and natural oils along with a natural approach helps them to ensure the purity, efficacy and the safety of their products following a cruelty free conception and formulation.

Beauty is an experience, a feeling of perfection and wellness.