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भारत के त्यौहार औऱ आयुर्वेद की महत्ता।

आज घर पर बहुत चहल पहल थी, सरला जी और उनकी देवरानी अनुपमा, आंवला नवमी की पूजा की तैयारी कर रही थी ,  सुबह से ही भोग और भोजन की बनाए जा रहे थे, और पूजा की थाली तैयार की जा रही थी जिसमे दूध, कच्चा सूत, कुमकुम, आदि...

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skincare in summer

Skincare in summer

Hello summer! well , don’t we all love this season ? The warm sun-rays are nothing but a blessing after the freezing winters. Although a boon, let’s not forget its rogue accomplices like the heat, sweat, harmful UV rays and the keratolytic effect the sun has on the skin. This...

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Why Reamare ?

History is full of legends from around the world that radiate the tales of many intriguing women, their spirit, smartness , bravery, loyalty, fidelity and many remarkable feats; apart from this women also came to be known as eternal embodiments of charm, grace and  bewitching beauty.In many ancient cultures,...

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What is Colloidal Silver ?

Silver is a natural element that can be found across the globe .Millennia ago Silver had gained extensive popularity and an aesthetic appeal. In every era, people have exploited the germicidal qualities and anti-microbial properties of silver to combat microbes and boost the immune system. Since antiquity people from...

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What is Nano Gold?

Gold, beauty and power have always coincided with each other and Gold has always held a high stead across the world, as a precious metal and even as an important ingredient used to treat many skin-care problems. Gold has been recognized since ancient times for its powerful skin renewal...

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