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Reamare-Best Skincare with the best of the natural ingredients.

Story of Reamare’s founders :

Reamare India is a credible brand, where we draw on our Indian roots of Ayurverda and heritage to craft new products to meet today’s definition of health and wellness

When it comes to healthy wellbeing and skincare, we take it as seriously as you do. Loaded with the goodness of luxurious metals like 24K Gold, Silver and Pearl, infused with a variety of essential organic herbs  and natural oils, Reamare brings you a range of next-gen high performance products in skincare and homecare segment that are chemical free, hypoallergenic and completely safe to use.

The present day market is flooded with various brands and their products, making it hard for you to navigate and zero it down to a single option. Hence, it is essential to make a wise decision. As money spent to achieve the right skincare is an investment !

Intrigued by the power of nature and inspired by its healing, we offer everything you could ask for, from natural cleansers and gold gels to acne crème and fortifying masks that help treat your skin and hair concerns. While we also offer products that aim at providing domestic hygiene, we strongly believe in a higher sense of wellbeing that comes by harmonizing the body and soul. Reamare’s range of natural and essential oils allow you to indulge in a holistic healing of the mind and body.

At Reamare, we ensure the purity, efficacy and the safety of our products following a cruelty free conception and formulation.

Story of the founders

Reamare is a proudly-Indian brand that is nurtured by two sisters, Megha Soni and Rajkumari Soni. Hailing from an ancestral background of maidh Kshatriyas, (a community that has prevailed in India for a thousand years taking up the occupation of goldsmiths) the Soni sisters strive to emulate the teachings of the great King, His Highness Ajmeedh Ji who belonged to the Chandravanshi Dynasty and who aimed at edifying the use of Gold in various different ways.

Since childhood, the Soni Sisters have learned about the miraculous health benefits of gold and silver. They have seen their ancestors making the best out of these precious metals and thus have a great deal of knowledge about the use of gold and silver in health and skin treatment.

Having completed their post graduation and being the modern Indian women that they are, they were on the look-out for an opportunity to turn into entrepreneurs and start up a business that empowers women with an arena of accomplishments, from building up their self esteem to becoming financially independent.

Hence with a blend of learned ancestral secrets and pure inner beauty, they became deeply focused on conceptualizing and formulating future-forward clean products that are 100% natural. They believed in sharing their ancestral beauty secrets with the world and promote a chemical-free healthy lifestyle.

With the support and assistance of their husbands, they founded ‘REAMARE’ – a beauty and health care brand, that is on par with global brands and one that excites the consumers.

Belonging to the lineage of goldsmiths, they could not exclude the luxurious metals and hence conceptualized products that incorporated 24k gold and silver in a way that is most effective. This is when they decided to incorporate the nano form of gold and silver.

They started working on this conceptualization in 2015 and spent a good amount of time in research and development to formulate world class Indian made products that are nourishing blends of ayurvedic herbs and modern technology.

Now the next step was to find the right lab to manufacture colloidal gold and colloidal silver. They visited many labs but weren’t satisfied enough as many weren’t adhering to their processing guidelines. Fortunately the husbands offered their own factory to set up a lab in the vicinity and with the ancestral knowledge of processing the metals, they themselves started manufacturing high grade nano gold and silver.

Once the manufacturing of the key ingredient was sorted, the next phase was to assemble assorted ayurvedic herbs. So they contacted the local tribal herbalists, especially women from the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh (India). These tribal herbalists provided organically grown essential herbs and slowly but surely the Soni sisters progressed towards finalizing the products.

Once the products were finalized the next step was the launch. Being consumer oriented they decided to launch a few products in the health care segment and some in the beauty aisle. From serums to gold gels and body lotions to acne creams, they launched these 100% ayurvedic products on major e-commerce sites in November, 2020.

Just a few months in the market, Reamare started getting positive customer reviews and a product from the health care segment (Reamare’s hygienie) was also rated as one of the best herbal food sanitizers.

There are a few more products due by the end of this year that will provide you more options for a conscious selection of products to lead a healthier lifestyle.

With this entrepreneurial rendezvous with nature’s goodness and women empowerment, Reamare  not only felicitates inside-out beauty but also advocates women’s rights and liberation.

100% organic goodness

Add the nourishment of Ayurveda to your skincare regime

A highly effective Ayurveda-inspired range of products, suitable for different skin and hair types.
So each time you use our product, you know it’s #ayurvedic.




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