Gold, beauty and power have always coincided with each other and Gold has always held a high stead across the world, as a precious metal and even as an important ingredient used to treat many skin-care problems. Gold has been recognized since ancient times for its powerful skin renewal benefits. Even the all famous Queen of Egypt- Cleopatra, had been intrigued by the benefits of Gold and used it regularly to enhance her captivating beauty. And how can we forget all our Desi Queens- Goddesses of bravery and divine beauty, who ruled with grace and charm of exotic eyes and scintillating beauty. These royals were known to indulge in the luxuriousness of Gold bhasma to pamper their skin.

Even today it isn’t uncommon to find numerous brands and products in the skin-care aisle that claim to incorporate Gold. Well, but the question is,”do they actually work?” ; “ Are they as beneficial as they claim  to be?”. Many products use merely gold shimmer or at the most Gold sheets and flakes. Which is not easily absorbed by the skin. It may leave the skin looking shimmery with a rather dubious glow but doesn’t actually provide you the real benefits that Gold has to offer. Hence even though the products incorporate Gold particles, it remains ineffective.

Why Reamare ?

This is where Reamare stands out of the crowd, Reamare’s team has meticulously developed a special technique and has rigorously worked over a span of 5 years and has successfully been able to formulate gold into nano particles, which are infused with various ayurvedic herbs and essential oils to bring to you the finest products in Skin-care. These products are highly effective, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.

What is Nano Gold?

Nano gold is also known as colloidal gold, it refers to gold particles which have been broken down to nanometers ( usually less than 100 nanometers) so that it remains dispersed evenly in a solution.  When gold is nano sized, it can easily penetrate the cell membranes and also acts as a carrier for other active ingredients to improve the efficacy of the products and can be consumed too. Therefore, nano sizing of gold extends its application

Benefits of Nano Gold in the skin-care aisle-

The numerous skin care benefits of nano-gold have made it the next big thing in the beauty industry.

  • The anti-oxidant benefits of Nano Gold- 

The free molecules react with oxygen causing oxidative stress on the skin and damages cells and skin components. But nano gold has no oxidation effect on the skin and the anti-oxidant properties of gold strengthen the skin and create a barrier that protects the skin from environmental stressors and free radicals.

  • The anti-inflammatory benefits of Nano Gold –

Chronic inflammation is one of the major causes of premature damaged skin. Exposure to UV rays is known to trigger skin inflammation.The use of Nano gold repairs and revives the skin. It can also be used to treats various skin conditions like hyper pigmentation and acne.

  • The Skin Renewal benefits of Nano Gold-

Various studies of nano- medicine suggests that the wound healing properties of nano- gold are unmatched. Nano gold easily penetrates and nourishes the skin, providing all the essential, skin-loving nutrients that improve the overall skin health and rejuvenates and renews the skin cells while protecting the skin from allergens and irritants.

  • The Skin Energizing properties of Nano- Gold-

When the skin is under nourished it loses its radiance and looks dull and saggy. Nano gold

being easily able to penetrate the skin, provides oxygen and nourishment to the skin that energizes and amplifies the radiance of the skin.


Beauty is an experience, a feeling of perfection and wellness. Beauty is courage and Power.

Reamare understands your needs and promises to fulfill your dreams of achieving the perfect skin care regime by infusing ancient Ayurveda and the goodness of 24k Nano gold.

Reamare brings you a range of beauty products, creams and facial oils infused with 24k Nano Gold that will allow you to indulge in the luxuriousness of ancient royal beauty treatments for an ultimate skin rejuvenating experience and magnify the Goddess in you.